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Karara QLD 4352

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Tillari Trotters Free Range Pork & Chunky Butt Lamb

Know your Food - Know your Farmer -

G'day and pleased to met you.  We are Belle and Tim your free range pork and lamb farmers.

Our farm is committed to preserving rarebreeds of live stock - with stud registered very rare Tamworth pigs and Durocs.

We believe that animals should get to be animals and live the lives they are intended.  We love our animals - and love being farmers.  We love providing clean healthy food for local families in Queensland while ensuring these rarebreeds are preserved.  All of our sheep have swinging tails, our pigs curly tails and basically they get to do what sheep and pigs do!

We do not use paylene, antibiotics, or chemical castration in our pigs.  We know each one of our animals and also raise any orphans or sick animals.

We also have a flock of the very rare Persian sheep - which we also are conserving for future generations.

Antibiotic and chemical free.

No tail docking or teeth clipping.

Stress free farming.

Grass fed lamb, mutton and hogget - no tail docking.