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Flare Specialty Produce

Local, family, fresh and something a little different. 

For all your micro, leafy and specialty greens grown on the Darling Downs.

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About us:

We're your local family start up with a goal of growing the highest quality fresh, sustainable produce for you. We have a passion for growing all kinds of vegetables as well as our local community and look forward to providing all sorts of weird and wonderful fresh produce directly too you!

We're still in our start up stages but watch this space! We'll have beautiful living microgreens for sale shortly as well as a few other things while we get started. 

In the meantime, visit our Facebook and Instagram accounts to follow our journey!

More about me:

Hi, I'm Josh. I am the founder/grower/marketer/builder and everything else that needs to be done here at Flare Specialty Produce. Although it's pretty much just me running the show, my family plays a large role in supporting me and allowing me to set up my business in the back yard (not that they really had a choice , thanks mum and dad!)

I have just graduated from school on Friday the 18th November, and it might be a surprise that in addition to the stress of completing grade 12, i thought i might add on the stress of starting a business. So far I have been funding the journey of Flare though my casual job, spending my earnings not on Xbox's and games like many my age, but rather on irrigation fittings and construction materials.

Growing up on the family farms in Zimbabwe, Africa, i developed a love of growing things from a young age. For as long as i can remember i have loved to see things grow and have always kept a vegetable garden no matter what the circumstances, meaning i have been gardening for over 10 years already!

It was this love of growing things that evolved into the idea of Flare, and really it was quite an organic process - eventually the veggie garden got bigger and bigger and now here we are! In particular i have enjoyed challenging the status quo of gardening by growing all sorts of weird and wonderful edible plant varieties - hence the 'Specialty Produce' and hope to share the excitement with local restaurants and everyday customers.

I believe the success of a business shouldn't so much be measured by revenue but rather its involvement and influence in the local community. My goal is to implement school garden programs and learn to grow classes to share the love of growing food and plants in general and inspire the next generation of budding horticulturists (excuse the pun). In addition i hope to help those going through a tough time by donating beautiful fresh vegetables to organisations such as FoodAssist Toowoomba. I have a few of other ideas to support the community that supports us which we will hopefully be able to pull off, but for the mean time we'll be working on these ones as soon as we can!

That's a little bit about me and what i hope to achieve for now, but i can't wait until we're up and running properly and having conversations with our customers and sharing more of my story! Thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far and all of you who are following the journey on our social media accounts - I hope you're enjoying the journey as much as we are! If you have any questions about me or Flare Specialty Produce, please feel free to message our Facebook page or email me at josh@flareproduce.com, i would love to hear from you!

Joshua Paterson

Flare Specialty Produce