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851 Old Rosevale Rd
Jandowae QLD 4410

Member for 3 years

Fairymount Fine Foods

Our operation is family owned and operated by the Labrie family. Phil, Hugo and Lee are based on the farm and Ed, Emily, Rob and Bre assist with marketing.

Visitors are always welcome, but give us a ring first just to make sure we will be at home. Its a long way to come to miss meeting us.

We have a mixed farm situated on the Western Darling Downs in Queensland. We run a commercial herd of Brahman, Ausline and Angus cows as well as a Brahman and Ausline Stud operation. We sell only beef, lamb and goat from our own property and closely monitor all aspects of its production and processing. We grow and make our own hay and grow some barley in winter.

We sell all cuts of beef in conveniently sized cryovac packs. Half or quarter beasts can be arranged. Goat is sold seasonally as capretto, in roasting pieces. Lamb is available seasonally in cryovac packs in convenient sizes. We use minimal chemicals for the health of our animals, but never use hormone growth promotants or routine antibiotics.