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Wyreema QLD 4352

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Local & Livin' Amaranth Microgreens

Flare Specialty Produce, Wyreema, QLD

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Beautiful magenta foliage with a sweet and tangy flavour similar to spinach.

Add a vibrant burst of colour to your salad, wrap or use as a garnish - these bright sparks will make your dish pop!

Sold living in a 200mm x 115mm tray

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are an exciting alternative to your run of the mill produce. They're half way between sprouts and baby greens and pack a serious flavour and nutritional punch! These little things are a truly stunning addition to any dish and will wow both your friends, family or customers alike!

Why our microgreens?

As well as being a Toowoomba local, Flare Specialty Produce is dedicated to the weird and wonderful, we love experimenting with different plants and varieties and we love to see our customers experimenting too! Jaz up your breaky, lunch or dinner with our ever growing selection of microgreens (no pun intended!).

Our seed is certified organic and locally sourced from a supplier on the sunshine coast. It is grown in coco coir so that is clean and most of all sustainable unlike products such as peat.

Our microgreens are sold living so ensure they are the freshest possible for you! simply keep moist and harvest when you need it - now that’s fresh!

Stock on hand is kept to a minimum to ensure you're getting the highest quality, fresh product - So if you want to guarantee you get your hit of these tiny treasures, let us know and we'll grow what you like especially for you!

Got a restaurant? we would love to grow for you!

Questions and enquiries:
Joshua Paterson
Ph: 0499922170

Flare Specialty Produce

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